The Basics of a Minimalist Lifestyle


Minimalism follows the philosophy that less is more; it promotes developing a lifestyle that focuses on essential things such as experiences and relationships rather than material things. It is about getting rid of the excessive and unnecessary stuff you own and keeping just what you need. It is popular among Asian countries to design homes that have little space. Minimalism has a handful of benefits, including increased positivity, productivity, and social interaction. If you feel the need for a change of lifestyle, perhaps minimalism is for you. Below are the basics of a minimalist lifestyle.

Tidying up

The first and most crucial step in living a minimalist lifestyle is tidying up your home. It starts with decluttering and sorting out the things you own to see what you need to let go of and what you can keep. Starting with your closet, pick out clothes you use the most and are essential for school or work. You can pick out clothes that you might need for special occasions such as dresses, coats and other formal wear. Everything else needs to go. For accessories, pick out those that match effortlessly with all styles of clothing.

For shoes, you can pick ones for every kind of occasion. For your furniture and appliances, you need to assess your current lifestyle and situation. Broken appliances and furniture are at the top of the list of things to dispose of. Pick out furniture and tools that you use every day, and need. Items such as coffee tables or bedside tables that are not necessary and serve only as decorations should be disposed of. Things that you rarely use and take up space should also go.

Commit yourself to less

You can’t quickly achieve the lifestyle you aim for after tidying up your home. It would help if you committed yourself to keeping your lifestyle that way. Fight the urge to buy clothes because they are on sale. Do not buy things that you still have at home and are still working. Discipline is a must, or else you will end up bringing more stuff to your home. Keep in mind that you should only buy things you need and not what you want. Focus your time, energy, and money on discovering new things, gaining experience, and building relationships.

Today is the day to do it

A change in lifestyle does not happen in a single day, and it requires determination and commitment. If minimalist living has been on your mind for a while now, today is the day to do it. Do not hesitate and delay change and growth.

If you are worried that you do not have enough energy and time to start this lifestyle, there are services you can use to help you. Junk removal San Diego companies can lend you a hand in getting rid of unnecessary things in your life. They offer cleaning, loading, hauling, and disposal of junk at affordable rates and with excellent service. You do not have any excuse not to start today.