Reasons Why Simple Wooden Toys Are Better For Your Child


When it comes to toys, to say that there is an endless and overwhelming amount of choices available would be an understatement. When you go to a kids’ store or the kids’ section in a supermarket, you will find a wide variety of expensive and flashy toys that most kids play only for a few days before getting bored of it. Mostly, these toys work more towards burning a hole in your pocket than offering an entertainment value to your children. That is why considering wooden toys for toddlers can be a great idea.

The wooden toys are simple, educational, fun, and it doesn’t cost a hand and a leg. It infuses the sense of simplicity in children and helps improve logical reasoning skills.

Inexpensive, Durable, and High-Quality

Wooden toys for toddlers are eco-friendly, don’t cost much, and, most importantly, do not break after just a couple of days. Most parents have experienced investing in a flashy high-end toy that didn’t last until the weekend. It is like throwing money down the drain. However, wooden toys are highly durable, and some may even go on to last a lifetime. As simple as they may look, kids can get glued to it.

Educational and Creative

There are many wooden toys for toddlers that are educational and promote critical and logical thinking. For example, playing with wooden blocks is popular among toddlers as they do not have any single-use. Research shows that having a break and playing encourages kids to use their imagination and develop other skills. Many wooden toys boost the ability of the kids to do reasonable and logical thinking proactively. It impacts their performance and character later on in life.

High-End Flashy Toys Maybe Harmful

Manufacturers of many flashy, expensive toys may claim that their products are educational and help in the skill development of your child. However, it is not always true as such toys add little to no value to your child’s growing years. In the end, basic is always better, and it is where wooden toys come in. Playing with over-stimulating toys can cause a negative neural impact. Even if you do own a few flashy expensive toys, limiting the playtime of your kids with such toys is essential.

Plastic is Bad

Every parent is tempted to buy their kids expensive toys and gadgets once in a while. However, do know that most of these toys are made of plastic, and it is not only bad for the environment but your child as well. The chemicals used to make plastic, such as BPA and PVC, can be harmful to your kids.

BPA is known to interfere with hormonal functions in the body, while PVC contains a well-known deadly carcinogen called phthalates. So, even if you are buying plastic toys, look for labels that say “PVC-free,” “BPA-Free,” and “eco-friendly.”


As primitive as wooden toys may sound, there are tons of varieties available these days. Starting from simple wooden blocks to complex wooden DIY toys, and much more, the market is filled with numerous wooden toys to choose from. Instead of visiting the toy section that contains flashy gadgets and electronic toys, take your child to the wooden toys section and let him or her go on a shopping spree.

Introducing your kids to the world of wooden toys will help your child in ways more than one with improving logical thinking skills and using imagination actively. Don’t force your kids to play with wooden toys but give them wooden toys once in a while and let it slowly integrate with their play routine. It would help the kids to accept wooden toys and value it and not create a repulsive attitude.