Most Beautiful Zoos to Visit in Quebec with Your Family


Visiting zoo is one of the favorite choices of a family because everyone will enjoy nature, catch a glimpse of animals from close and far and also perform other activities. In Montreal, there are many zoos that feature wildlife native near America. These zoos will open all over the year and offers a lot of entertainment to visitors.

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The following is some information about stunning zoos present in Quebec that help you plan your next vacation with your family.

Granby zoo

It is the largest one in Quebec that welcomes visitors to the beautiful fauna of 4 continents. There are 1500 animals of 225 species including giraffes, tigers, elephants, hippos, gorillas, snow leopards, baby sharks, and more.

You can watch more than twenty presentations from the educators and zoo keepers. Also, there is a water park that offer river adventure, water games, rides, and wave pool.  Granby zoo is the most memorable day out for a family.

Indoor zoo Biodome

​It has botanical garden and aquarium, more than 4500 animals of 250 species and 500 species plants are available in it. Indoor ecological system is arranged in the garden that recreates poles and Americas regions. That is you will not only see the life in these regions but also feel it too. You can experience the humidity and temperature of each ecosystem.

Parc Omega

This park is a perfect place for photography. It is located at Montebello, Outaouais region. In this park, wild animals roam generously in their habitation. Around 2200 acres amazing varied space with 12 km snakes road, lakes, valleys, rocky hills, forests, landscapes, and meadows.


It is a kid-friendly zoo with live species features and interactive displays across the world. Here, you can find corpse of 150,000 specimens, live scarabs, scorpions, and tarantulas.

Parc safari

It takes visitors to Africa’s heart and you can experience encounter with big cats by entering from the glass tunnel. Here, you can enjoy over 40 water games and 8 slides in Water Park. There is a picnic area where you can sit, get relax, and have some snacks. Also, you can ride safari adventure of 4km or at Terrace Africa you can feed giraffe.

In addition to these, there are many other places that make your day exceptional and adventurous. So, choose a package from the best hotel and plan your next vacation to Quebec with your family.