Helping Children In Foster Care In Arizona: Things To Know!


Almost half a million kids in the US are in foster care. In some states like Arizona, the number stands at 19,000, as of 2020. A lot of good people want to help, but they just don’t know how. In this post, we are discussing more on helping foster kids in Arizona and things you must know.

Why are children in foster care?

That’s often the first question that many people have in mind. Children often go into foster care because of neglect or abuse. It could be perpetrated by parents, or someone who is a guardian. When someone informs the Department of Human Services about suspected abuse, the child may be placed in foster, after initial investigation. The sad part is there are not many licensed foster families in Arizona. These are children who are missing out on normal childhood for no fault, and they deserve better.

Ways to help

There are many ways to help foster kids in Arizona. The best idea, obviously, would be to adopt a child in foster care, or become a foster parent. That, however, may not be a practical option for many. However, there are organizations that are supporting foster kids, and you can choose to make a donation. While not a big deal, but you may be eligible for charitable donation tax deduction in Arizona, for your support. Also, these organizations often need volunteers to work with them in various measures, for helping foster parents, organizing events, and so on. You can also choose to donate in kind. Kids in foster care often don’t have the basic things, like personal hygiene products, stationery items, books, and other essentials, which can be collected and donated.

Respite care

Another good way to help and support foster children is by offering respite care. Relatives and foster parents taking care of kids often need a weekend break from the parenting time, and you can pitch in to offer help. There are also options to mentor teen kids, so that they can do better in life.

Final word

As someone who cares for a better world, supporting foster kids and organizations that work for them is the least you can do. Each donation counts, and you can also choose to encourage others for the same. Check online to find more on organizations that are currently active in Arizona and ask them for details, so that you can do your bit.