Before filing for your Child’s Custody Determine Which Arrangement is Suitable


When it has come to the point of divorce, there is a question regarding the custody of child/children. Virginia child custody law ensures that the parents share their responsibility and child gets frequent and continuous care from parents.

In Virginia there is sole and joint custody available. The non-custodial parent is granted ample amount of visitation rights, which makes it necessary for child’s relationship with both the parents.

In sole custody, one parent gets full responsibility of the child and in joint custody the responsibility is shared. It will be better to have joint custody for the sake of child’s interest.

Child custody can either be legal or physical. Physical custody means the parent has the right to make the child live with them. Legal custody gives parent the right to make important decisions in child’s life like education, welfare, and such.

In Sole physical custody, child lives with one parent who is the primary custodial parent. In spite of sole custody to one parent, the other parent can agree to be an active participant in raising the child in primary residence with the particular parent.

This arrangement provides children to continue their routine without any disruption. However, the non-custodial parent may feel like just a visitor in their child’s life.

Sole legal custody one parent gets the sole ability to make important decisions in their children’s lives. That doesn’t mean that the other parent has nothing to do with, they get the visitation responsibility.

In Joint legal custody both the parents get the ability to take decisions for the well-being of their child. They share their decisions, discuss among themselves and they may either agree or disagree. If there is disagreement exists between them, they can get help from the third party, usually the family court.

In joint physical custody both the parents get physical presence of their child. Each parent gets a considerable amount of time to spend with their child. This arrangement works better if the parents are living close by and it helps reduce stress on the child and lead a normal routine.

In primary physical custody, the parent can spend more time with their child. Custody schedules are given by the family court to both parents like for example, the child will spend one week with one parent and next week with the other parent. Child will spend major holidays like Christmas, thanks giving day, alternately with a parent year to year.

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