A Guide to Arranging a Dinner Party


While it is BBQ season here in Australia, there are those who prefer a traditional sit-down dinner and if you are planning such an occasion, this article was written for you. It might be for close family or good friends, or both, and with a little forethought and planning, here are a few tips to help make the dinner a success.

  • Use your Best Dinnerware – This is a time to get out your very best dinner setting, and if you do not possess quality dinnerware, check out the online supplier of home accessories where you will find top-quality dinner service sets and other accessories, all at affordable prices.

  • Creating the Right Ambience – This is critical if you want everyone to be in a relaxed mood, so lighting needs to be considered, with task lighting while eating and something softer for the after-dinner drinks. Some soft background music is always a good idea, just loud enough to hear, yet you can have a conversation too, and you can create an MP3 playlist of soft music that can be played throughout the evening. Candles are always a nice touch, while some sweet-smelling incense does add a touch of the mysterious, and you can experiment with various ideas to help you create the perfect ambience.

  • Preparing the Menu – Obviously, the menu should be suitable for the guests, with several courses including an appetiser, main course and a dessert. If you are not a confident cook, you could always bring in an outside caterer, which would take all the pressure away, leaving you to focus on other aspects on the dinner.

  • Choosing Suitable Wine – As you know your guests, choosing the right wine shouldn’t be an issue, with your choices complementing the menu. White wines should be suitably cooled, while red is best uncorked an hour or two before consumption and served at room temperature.

  • Create a List – There will be many things you need for the dinner party and by creating a list, you can tick off items as they are acquired. Search online for a home accessories supplier who would likely have many of the items you need, and allow a few days for delivery.

  • Prepare What you Can in Advance – Snacks, dessert and appetisers can likely be prepared in advance, which leaves you more time for other things, and once in the fridge, serving is all you have to do.

  • Being a Good Host – The art of being a good host is to prepare things to a degree that you have time to converse with your guests, and while they will no doubt engage in conversation in your absence, it is nice to be involved as much as possible.

Preparing a dinner party is all about planning, and any table or dinnerware you need can be ordered from the online supplier, and planning your menu can be made easier by looking online for some menu inspiration. Allow yourself at least one week to prepare everything and there’s no reason why your dinner party won’t be a success.